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Trading Standards Law & Investigations - Legal Advice from London Criminal Defence Solicitors


Breaking trading standards law can result in criminal investigations being undertaken, trading standards prosecutions or imprisonment.

In 2008, Trading Standards regulations and legislation was introduced to make illegal unfair commercial practices and unethical sales techniques, most of which had been previously labeled ‘tricks of the trade’.

The Trading Standard regulations specifically contain 32 practices which are deemed unfair and include door-step selling regulations such as the ‘Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008’.

It is critical to enlist the legal assistance of a qualified and experienced trading standards solicitor, due to Trading Standards investigations covering such a wide range of potential complex criminal offences.

Lawtons London-based Trading Standards Solicitors


Lawtons London Solicitors offer trading standards legal help and advice to clients and can offer expert guidance in investigations and enforcement at short notice, from an initial interview through to Magistrate court or Crown court criminal defence representation.

Please read our recent trading standards investigation client success story at Luton Crown Court.


Trading Standards Investigations & Officers


Trading Standards investigations start once an initial complaint or accusation against an individual or company has been made. This can include a test purchase made by a Trading Standards officer of the person(s) or company in question.

An invitation to attend an interview under caution in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) at Trading Standards offices is then received by the defendant. It is critical that expert legal advice is sought at this stage, as answers given during an interview may have significant repercussions for a future prosecution case.

Trading Standards officials have the power and authority to obtain a warrant for the arrest of potential suspects and / or the search and seizure of private property. Legal representation must be sought by the accused under investigation at this point. A Lawtons Trading Standards Solicitor will then assess the alleged offences or breaches, advise the client on the law and explore statutory defences, if available.

In some circumstances, Lawtons may be able to negotiate with Trading Standards on alternative options to prosecution, such as a written warning or formal caution. Without legal assistance, negotiation of this nature is simply not possible.


Trading Standards Prosecution and Court Cases


If a Trading Standards prosecution is commenced, a summons will be issued to the defendant, detailing:

a) The alleged trading standards offence(s) committed
b) A date to appear at the relevant Magistrates' Court

In this instance, Lawtons Solicitors would provide the following legal defence assistance:  

  • Help client understand Trading Standards law and the Court process
  • Review and access prosecution evidence
  • Advise on the most appropriate plea
  • Defend the case using proactive action
  • Advise on confiscation proceedings, following a guilty plea or verdict
  • Advise on requests by Trading Standards for the forfeiture / destruction of any goods seized

For expert legal advice in relation to a Trading Standards Investigations, Law and Trading Standards Prosecutions, please Contact us without delay.

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