Are you looking for urgent legal assistance in Hertford? If you have been accused of a criminal offence, your future and reputation are on the line and it is crucial at this stage that you seek the advice of professional legal representatives in order to guide you through the process and advise you on the best course of action. Do not delay in getting in touch with Lawtons on 0333 577 0522.

Lawtons is a highly respected and established firm of criminal defence solicitors with offices in Hertford. As one of the most recognised law firms in the South East of England, we also have bases in other Hertfordshire towns such as Hatfield and  St Albans, as well as across the Home Counties and in London.

Have you been arrested?

Being detained by the police is a distressing and often confusing experience, but the most important step you can take is seeking legal advice that will set you on the right track. At Lawtons we will closely examine the details of your case and work with you every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

We have successfully defended clients in a wide range of areas of the law and will work tirelessly to do the same for you. No two cases are the same and we provide a tailored, personalised service to meet your needs. Get in touch today.

Protecting your future in Hertfordshire

We are on hand when you need us, and can give out legal advice over the phone or in person at our Hertford office. Our duty solicitors and police solicitors are available 24 hours a day to represent clients at the following police stations in Hertfordshire:

  • Hoddesdon Police Station
  • Watford Police Station
  • Hatfield Police Station
  • Stevenage Police Station
  • Hertford Police Station

If you have been detained by the Hertfordshire Police, it is important that experienced duty solicitors or police solicitors are present before any form of          police questioning takes place. 

Representing you in court

Participation in court proceedings falls under the remit of a barrister. The team at Lawtons regularly represent clients in cases held at the magistrates’ court, Crown Court and youth court including:

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If you, a friend or family member has been accused of committing a criminal offence, then contact Lawtons as soon as possible for professional legal advice and assistance. We are able to provide free advice in the first instance.

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What are my rights if I am detained by the police?

If you are arrested, you have the right to be represented by a professional criminal defence solicitor. You also have the right to inform somebody that you have been arrested and to be treated fairly and respectfully under the police codes of practice. 

How long do the police have to charge someone with a crime?

This depends upon the nature of the offence in question and the type of investigation being carried out, but if someone has been detained by the police then after 24 hours they should be released without charge, released under investigation, released on bail or charged.

Do I need legal assistance for any type of police questioning?

It is not only interviews under caution where legal representation is advised. Even at voluntary interviews you should ensure that you do not answer any questions from the police without the presence of an experienced criminal defence solicitor.