A trial took place in June of this year where he faced an Indictment alleging indecency with a child under 14. 


The case was historic in that the allegations were against our client’s sister in law.  They go back to 1994 to 1996.  The client was questioned by the police in 1996.  However, no further action was taken.


Then in 2014 (some 20 years later) the complainant reports the matter to the police once again.


Our client was questioned by the police and subsequently charged.  At the conclusion of the trial on the 15th June (the trial lasting some 8 days) the Jury could not reach a verdict.  The case was adjourned for the prosecution to decide whether or not to proceed to re-trial.


Fortunately on the 22nd June 2016 the case was listed when the prosecution confirmed that they did not wish to proceed to re-trial.


Not guilty verdicts were entered.


The client was absolutely delighted and relieved with the result having had to put up with this for over 20 years!!!