A 28-year-old was jailed for 17 and a half months Wednesday 14th September for a late night attack in St Albans on the brother of a man he believed had burgled his aunt’s home.


He used his fists and then his feet on the victim, causing swelling to his right eye and a grossly enlarged left testicle.


St Albans Crown Court heard the 23-year-old victim had left an address in Artisan Crescent and was in Waverley Road at about half past ten when the defendant called over to him.


Prosecutor Max Hardy said the victim was punched three times to the face. He fell to the ground, where he was punched and then twice kicked in the groin.


“He curled up in a ball. The defendant said: ‘Look at me. I am not going to hit you’, but he looked up and was hit more times in the face,” said Mr Hardy.


The victim was taken to Watford hospital where he was treated. In a victim personal statement, he said he still gets occasional pain in his testicle.


When police arrested the attacker, he said he did not understand why the victim said he had been assaulted.


The St Albans man appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to causing actual bodily harm on 24th August last year. He had 18 convictions for 49 offences.


Alex Britton, defending, said there was no good reason for the attack, but his client had believed the victim’s brother had burgled his aunt’s home. He said his client had been “candid” with probation officers and had kept out of trouble since the assault.


He said he had spent time on remand and 197 days on a qualifying electronic curfew.


Mr Britton said that drug addiction had been the underlying cause of his offending, but the defendant was trying to set a positive example to his children and had a van and was starting a removal business.


Jailing him, Judge John Plumstead said: “It was a sustained attack, you used your shod feet.”