A teenage drug dealer who sold heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Luton has been sent to a young offenders institute for four years.

Andrew Kerry for Lawtons, who represented the teenager, told Luton crown court “He would like me to say he is very sorry.”

He said his client had been very naive for getting involved in drug dealing which he saw as a way of paying off debts he had run up because of his own drug use.

The court heard how police went to his home in Luton in November of last year.

In his bedroom officers found more than eight grams of heroin and cash

But after his arrest and as he was undergoing an intimate search back at Luton police station, a further 6 .18 grams of crack cocaine was discovered

After being granted bail the 19 year old didn’t take long to pick up his bad habits again.

On April 30 this year police received calls from a mosque in Burk Park.

People at the mosque were concerned that a black Ford Focus was in the car park and drug dealing appeared to be going on.

Officers quickly responded and the vehicle was stopped by the police in Leagrave Road who found the teenager to be the sole occupant.

On this occasion a single bag of cannabis was discovered on him, but once more when an intimate search was carried out at the station 29 wraps of heroine and cocaine were discovered hidden between his buttocks.

He also had £255 in cash on him.

He appeared at court via a video link within Bedford prison where he has been held on remand.

He pleaded guilty to to two charges of possessing heroin with intent to supply, two charges of possessing crack cocaine with intent to supply and simple possession of the cannabis.

The court was told that his arrest back in November officers found digital scales containing traces of boths drugs and on one of his mobile phone was evidence of drug dealing in the form of text messages and contacts.

Andrew Kerry defending said up until last November the teenager had been of good character.

Passing sentence Judge Stuart Bridge said the value of the drugs found back in November had been £1420.

The judge said he had been a street dealer motivated by financial reward and therefore had a significant role .

“You have been very naive to put it mildly overvthe last 12 months,” the judge said.

He sentenced to fours years detention in a young offenders institute.

Four mobile phones taken from the boy will be destroyed along with the drugs.