A man who attacked his foster brother causing him to break his ankle has been jailed for three years.


It followed a plea by Stephen Halloran urging the judge to keep the sentence as low as possible on his client.


At Luton crown court, Judge Richard Foster said that having listened to Mr Halloran’s submissions he was able to keep the sentence lower.


The 34 year old defendant, from Dunstable, appeared for sentence having earlier been convicted by a jury of inflicting grievous bodily harm on his foster brother and assault by beating on the brother’s son.


The court had heard how he had attacked the pair following an afternoon drinking session in Dunstable on March 4 last year.


During the trial the jury heard how the two victims, aged 49 and 22, ended up in the pub.


The older victim told the jury that, without any warning, an argument “kicked off” with his foster brother, who was suddenly getting angry over old family issues going back a number of years.


Outside the pub he said the defendant challenged him to fight and then punched him to the ground.


He said “I went down and landed on my left side and rolled over. As I was turning, he was stamping on my leg. That’s when he punched my son.”


The dad said he couldn’t get up and thought he had broken his leg.


He said he could see blood on his son’s face and he told the jury that the defendant then came back to him and began punching him in the face.


“I was saying ‘You have broken my leg, you have actually broken my leg’.”


Moments later he said he was aware of a police officer arriving on the scene and he was helped into a police car and taken to hospital.


The jury found the defendant guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent on his foster brother and a second charge of assault by beating on his foster brother’s son.


The defendant had earlier admitted an offence of assaulting his foster brother, occasioning him actual bodily harm.


Judge Richard Foster had adjourned the sentencing for pre-sentence reports to be prepared and, on Friday, he was back in court to learn his fate.


Before sentenced was passed, the court heard that the defendant had assaulted another man in a pub on February 14 this year, injuring his nose and face.


Passing sentence, Judge Foster told him that the assault on his foster brother was particularly serious.


Not only had he punched the man to the floor, but he had then kicked and stamped on him with shod feet.


He jailed him for three years.