Despite what we are all being told about how the economy is growing and how the future is looking brighter, there will be many that have been feeling the pinch and worried about how they can make ends meet. Naturally, everyone wants to be ensuring that when things are tight, you get what you are entitled to.

However, sometimes your benefit entitlement circumstances can change and you may not realise the significance of that or even let things slip and forget who you’ve told what to. Perhaps, your circumstances have changed and you didn’t realise the significance of that change. There are of course times when you have told someone “official” that your circumstances have changed and think that was all you needed to do, when it turns out that someone is now telling you differently or that you have told the wrong department or official.

And of course, things aren’t helped when the rules on your entitlement to benefits are increasingly confusing and worrying.

The bottom line is that people make mistakes and we are frequently instructed by clients who are concerned that they made a claim for benefits and may have been receiving them for period of time, sometimes years, only to then be told that they are “under investigation” or that they “need to be interviewed” for possible benefit fraud.

These alarm bells can be very worrying and Lawtons Solicitors realise that. Often we are instructed by clients who are being asked to attend for an interview at the Job Centre or the local Council offices. Sometimes, it may not be very clear why you are being asked to attend and what it is you are being accused of.

Some of our clients contact us after they have already been interviewed, when they may not have even realised the significance or importance of what has just happened or what they have just said, only to then be told out of the blue that they should be taking legal advice because they may have to go to Court now or that they have to pay back thousands of pound of benefit which you’re now being told you weren’t eligible for.

Now, whilst lawyers like us may not be able to help you with knowing what you’re entitled to or what you are not (after all, we don’t work for the Benefits Agencies), we can help you when you may be accused of doing something wrong or that you’ve been getting something you weren’t entitled to.

What should be clear to you is that you need proper legal advice from independent experts who are able to help you through this difficult time. Expert advice from an independent lawyer who is there to protect your rights can be vital and make all the difference to you in the longer term.

There are occasions when you may be eligible for FREE legal advice and assistance. If you are not, we can discuss private fee terms – spending a little in the short term can save a lot in the long term.