Breach of Sexual Offences Prevention Order

21st November 2012 | Lawtons News|
Nick Titchener headshot

Nick Titchener

Managing Partner


The Jury returned a not guilty verdict after hearing argument advanced on behalf of our client. The technical nature of SOPO’s does mean specialist criminal legal advice is needed.


We are also seeing an increase in the number of cases in which previous poor legal advice has resulted in SOPO’s being imposed which specialist Crime lawyers would have avoided.


The Police and Courts seek to impose conditions which are not appropriate for a SOPO. Stephen Halloran of this Firm recently dealt with a case at Luton Crown Court in which totally inappropriate conditions were being suggested. As a result of our expertise the eventual SOPO imposed was far less invasive.


It is possible to Appeal SOPO cases, both the Order itself and the conditions of it.     



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