Our client and his wife were arrested and prosecuted for the serious offence of being involved in a complex conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation. Our client’s wife was represented by another firm. The prosecution were alleging that both defendants were involved in a fraud conspiracy by using a relative’s bank accounts to withdraw tens of thousands of pounds from those accounts without her permission and also by using her details to obtain credit. There had been extensive use of false addresses to cover the tracks and to divert the fraudulently obtained money.

In seeking to prove their case against both defendants, the prosecution relied upon phone evidence and the banking records of the defendants, including our client.

By carefully examining all the evidence, we were able to establish that our client had not been involved at all and had been totally unaware of what had been going on for some time. We were able to prove that the basis upon which the Prosecution were alleging that our client had to have been involved or aware of what was going on was flawed. The case was finally dropped against our client when the Prosecution agreed that they had no evidence against him, he was formally acquitted of the offence meaning that his ordeal was finally at an end.

At the end of the proceedings the client rang to express his appreciation for the professional and delicate way we had dealt with his case given that he is still living with his wife, his co-defendant. The case goes to highlight the importance of ensuring that expert independent legal advice and representation is obtained and the difference it can make when facing complex cases. Lawtons have a wealth of experience in dealing with complex cases of all types particularly those involving frauds.