A burglar caught in the staff area of TOYS’R’US in Kempston told the assistant manager he would stab her.
The 28 year old man was surrounded by three or four members of staff after breaking into lockers and stealing a handbag and purse, Luton Crown Court heard Thursday 10th December.
Prosecutor Helen Guest said that when the assistant manager confronted him, he said: “I will stab you if you touch me.”
He dropped the bag, ran off and jumped on his BMX bike. He cycled across to the Marks and Spencer Food store where he stole 12 bottles of whisky.
The police were called and the man cycled off. Officers caught him and he was “not compliant,” said Ms Guest.
The defendant pleaded guilty to a non-residential building and theft on 31st October.  He also admitted a public order offence by shouting at the assistant manager. He had 26 convictions for 72 offences.
Andrew Morton, defending, said his client was tackling a drug addiction that had started from an early age and stemmed from his difficult upbringing. At the time, he was homeless, having just been released from prison from a 4 week sentence for shoplifting.
“He had no money. He had nowhere to live. These offences were driven by need,” said Mr Morton.
Since being remanded, he said the man had made good use of his time in custody. He had reduced his methadone prescription and was attending courses aimed at getting him off drugs.
Judge Michael Kay QC jailed him for 10 months, saying: “I accept you have had very serious difficulties and you have a serious drug problem, but you are inflicting your problems on very many victims.”