A young convicted drug dealer was caught with cannabis in his pants just 12 days after being given a suspended jail sentence.

Then the 20-year-old was stopped in Dunstable Road, Luton for driving without wearing a seatbelt, he told the police: “For f…’s sake. Why are you always stopping me?”

The officers could smell cannabis in the car and asked him if he had any drugs on him. He replied: “Yeah. I have some in my pants,” Luton crown court heard Monday 1st June.

Three wraps of cannabis were recovered at Luton police station.

The Luton man admitted possessing cannabis on 2 May 2015 and being in breach of a 12 month sentence suspended for 12 months that had been imposed on 20 April this year for supplying cannabis.

Stuart Sprawson, defending, said: “I have little doubt that he was told he must not re-offend when the suspended sentence was passed. If I can been allowed some poetic licence, ‘There is no fool, like a young fool.’  He did not think about the consequences of what he was doing. He was young and naive.”

Mr Sprawson said that before he received the suspended sentence, his client had spent three months on a 12 hour curfew.

Passing a 10 month sentence, Judge Philip Bartle QC told him: “You have had your chance. You appear to have paid no attention to the order of a court.”