A Church of England vicar has been jailed for two years after a court heard how he had a series of depraved ‘chat room’ conversations with people he believed were youngsters
The 38 year old Luton vicar even told a 13 year old girl to sexually abuse her nine year old sister.
Andrew Morton for Lawtons who represented the clergyman when he appeared at Luton crown court said “He is a very chastened and contrite individual since his arrest. 
“He is likely to lose his job and his home. He makes no excuses and realises the folly of his conduct and he is utterly mortified at having to read the stuff he wrote on the chatlines”  
Mr Morton said The Bishop of St Albans will now have the final say on Ogley’s future as a vicar.
“In all likelihood he will be dismissed” said Mr Morton
He told the court that Ogley had got into the habit of surfing the internet in the evenings and going into chat rooms, some of which were 
devoted to “explicit topics.” 
“He says he accepts he went into child chat rooms or ones described as child chat rooms,” said Mr Morton.
“What we are dealing with is a man with a deeply unhealthy tendency to be aroused by children engaging in sexual activity.” he said.
Ogley, said Mr Morton, was not so much a predator, as a “unhealthy fantacist.”
In court Ogley, pleaded guilty to seven charges of publishing obscene material in the form of chat logs.
Six offences relate to material posted online in June 2012 and one to a publication in November 2012.
Passing sentence Judge Farrell told Ogley “You proceeded to chat in a manner which was sexually explicit and of an obscene nature, 
undoubtedly having the tendency to corrupt and deprave. It included graphic descriptions of sexual abuse of children including incestuous, sadistic and paedophiliac sexual acts on young and very young children – one as young as four.”
“You say that people are not always who they say they are, but clearly hoped they were who they said they were.
“You were and still are the vicar of St Francis Church here in Luton. As such what you did was totally incompatible with the beliefs and teachings of a vicar. You are there to uphold and further Christian beliefs.
“You have let down all those who looked up to you as the holder of a respected office.”