The Police had wanted an ASBO imposed and provided over 400 pages of evidence to try and persuade the Court to make the ASBO.


Our Specialist Crime Solicitors indicated from the start we would fight the application. Grahame Sheer, who used to train the Metropolitan Police on ASBO’s, was uniquely placed to persuade the Court that the test of necessity for an ASBO had not been meet. His knowledge of the case law surrounding the making of ASBO’s helped prevent the ASBO being made. 


The use of ASBO type applications is likely to increase with the rollout of Gang Injunctions across England & Wales. The new provisions are very similar in nature to ASBO’s and the case law will be equally applicable. The use of GANGBO’s (as they are being called) requires specialist legal advice from specialist Solicitors.


Legal Aid is available to help stop ASBO’s or Gang Injunctions being imposed. A breach of an ASBO or Gang Injunction can result in a Prison sentence.


If you, a family member or friend need any assistance with an ASBO or Gang Injunction case please contact Grahame Sheer at our Luton office. We are Solicitors who specialise in dealing with ASBO and Gang Injunctions (Gangbo’s).