Fraud Case: R v B

4th June 2012 | Lawtons News|
Nick Titchener headshot

Nick Titchener

Managing Partner

A Serious Fraud case dealt with from the Police Station stage that concluded in March 2010 with a successful outcome at the Confiscation Hearing. The case involved a long running fraudulent evasion of Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT and Corporation Tax with the defendant said to be the main player.

The confiscation proceedings involved the Firm undertaking a thorough forensic examination of the available paperwork, with the Prosecution asserting a greater level than the original basis of plea. Because of the work of the Firm the figures assessed by the Crown Court as the realisable benefit was significantly less than originally sought.

The work carried out on behalf of the client undoubtedly resulted in a lower figure being ordered by the Court. Indeed the co-defendants also benefited from the work carried out by our team.


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