A 39-year-old Harlington man has been found not guilty of assault after a trial at Luton Crown Court.


The businessman was involved in a dispute when a lorry was parked outside his premises in December 2012.


He told Stephen Halloran, defending, that he picked up a hollow bar to defend himself.


The man said: “He was very aggressive and shouting at me. His eyes were bulging. He is a stocky lad. He leaned forward like a ski jumper. “As he came over he shouted: ‘Come on then if you think you are hard enough. We will sort this out now.”


Asked by Mr Halloran why he picked up the bar he said: “I felt threatened. He kept coming at me. I didn’t know if he had anything in his hands. He was very angry.”


The man said he struck him on the leg to defend himself. “I didn’t want to hurt him,” he said. Another man in the area broke up the confrontation.


After hearing from other witnesses, who supported the businessman, he was cleared of the charge.