A Scaffolder was jailed for 15 months for attacking two brothers in the street late at night after a drinking session in Hemel Hempstead.

The 22 year old knocked out one man with a powerful right-handed punch that broke his jaw.

When his brother intervened, they began fighting and the defendant bit his chin, St Albans Crown Court was told.

He had been drinking and was carrying a bottle of vodka and a bottle of cider when he came across the brothers,

one of whom was with a girlfriend.

The man asked for directions out of the town centre and offered one of the brothers a swig from his vodka bottle.

But a row broke broke out after he poured vodka over the girlfriend’s head. A passing police officer intervened and told them to make their way home.

There was a second confrontation in which the girl and the defendant pushed each other.

The boyfriend intervened and he was felled with a single punch. His brother got involved and, during a fight, was bitten.

One brother suffered a fracture to the lower jaw on the right side and had an operation the next day.

He also lost a tooth. The other required 3 stitches for the bite. He was given a tetanus injection and will be left with long-term minor scarring, said Mr Speak.

The Defendant, who comes from Hemel, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) and guilty to causing actual bodily harm on 20 September last year. He denied a charge of assault on the girl. The pleas were accepted by prosecution.

He had eight previous convictions, including one from February 2010 when he assaulted a constable who was arresting his mother.

Andrew Kerry, defending, said: “They had all been drinking. This defendant was more intoxicated than the others. He is very remorseful and does not seek to hide behind his use of alcohol. It was a one-off act of aggression.”

He handed the Judge references for the man and letters from his GP and the Defendant himself. “If his alcohol consumption is dealt with this behaviour is unlikely to repeat itself,” he said.

He said he had worked as a labourer since leaving school and was now a qualified scaffolder.

Jailing him, Judge Stephen Warner said: “It was totally unacceptable serious violence in a public place in the early hours of the morning.”