A Hertford man caught dealing Cocaine in one of the town’s Pubs has been given the chance to clean himself up and avoid a prison sentence.


Sentence was deferred on the 56 year old until June to see if he can come off the drugs that have blighted his life over the last year.


He was was caught with wraps of Cocaine on him when Police, armed with a search warrant, went to the Two Brewers Pub in Port Vale, Hertford, on 13th September last year.


Officers found 13 wraps of Cocaine on him along with £340.00 in cash.


In a flat over the Pub, Officers found more Cocaine linked to the man that, if sold in individual street deals, could have netted between £2500 and £2750.


As a result he appeared at St Albans Crown Court to plead guilty to two charges of possessing a class A drug with intent to supply and one charge of supplying a class A drug.


Stephen Halloran, defending, told how his client had descended into drug taking after being made redundant from a good job.


Money problems followed for the Defendant and his marriage fell apart.


Mr Halloran said that along with drinking too much, he had a Cocaine habit that had spiraled out of control. This led to his dealing at the Pub.


“The reason he was recruited was because of the debts he owed,” said Mr Halloran.

Judge John Plumstead hearing the case commented, “There’s no such thing as a free wrap of Cocaine.”


Mr Halloran urged the Judge to consider deferring sentence, pointing out that the Defendant had taken steps to tackle his problem and there is a real chance he can be rehabilitated.


After listening intently, Judge Plumstead agreed to the request and told the man that he will defer sentence until 23rd June 2015.


Between now and then the Judge said the Defendant should continue to tackle his drug problems with the help of an organisation in Hatfield and submit himself for regular drug testing.


The Judge told him: “When I see you again I want to see a man who is as clean as a whistle and getting on with life.”