A Hemel Hempstead man has been spared jail after a Judge was told how he had transformed his life helping the community.

The 20 year old had carried out a nasty street attack hurting two other young men on a night out.

But, St Albans Crown Court was told, that this was over a year ago and since then he has been taken under the wing of Hertfordshire Police’s Offender Management Unit.

This has included the 20 year old engaging in a number of Community projects, helping out as a volunteer at the Royal Vetinary College, a Police station garden created to help victims of crime and at a Garden Centre.

Appearing on behalf of the Defendant, we told the Court he had been found to be friendly, helpful and thoughtful.

“He tells me his future is something he takes very seriously,” said Mr Hart, who added that the Defendant and his partner were now expecting their first child.

He pleaded guilty to common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm involving two young men out on a night out in Hemel town centre on 2nd March  last year.

The Court heard how the two victims were in a group who were out in the town centre that night.

They tried to get into The Function Rooms Nightclub but were refused entry and were then approached by the Defendant.

After telling the group “There’s one of me and five of you,” he slapped one of the males across the face.

He then attacked a second male, punching him in the face and  stamping on him after he had fallen to the ground.

The second male briefly lost consciousness and suffered concussion as well as cuts and bruises.

Police arrived on the scene and had to restrain the Defendant, who appeared to be drunk, head butting a Police vehicle and swearing at passers by.

Judge John Plumstead sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment, but suspended it for 18 months and placed him on supervision.

He was also ordered to pay one of the victims compensation of £500.