A Hemel Hempstead man who chased two young men down a street with a metal pole has been given a suspended prison sentence.


The 24 year old chased the pair after they began teasing him outside his home in the town.


When police arrived on the scene He was still holding the pole and was arrested.


At St Albans crown court today Friday he pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive and insulting words and behaviour on November 2 last year.


Richard Carroll prosecuting said after the men had begun to tease the defendant he snatched the pole from the boot of his mother’s car.


She used it for hanging up items of clothes at car boot sales.


He then chased after the men who feared he would use it.


Stephen Halloran defending told the court their had been on going problems with the two complainants because of the late night noise coming from the house nearby.


Mr Halloran for Lawtons said the defendant had taken steps to address drug problems in his life and was holding down regular factory work which was bringing him in around £230 a week.

Judge Andrew Bright QC sentenced the man to eight weeks in jail but suspended it for two years with supervision.


He was also told he must attend a “Thinking Skills” programme.


Finally he was told he would have to pay £200 in costs.