Our Mr Titchener was instructed by the client on a private basis to attend Cambridge Police Station for a Voluntary Interview (Caution plus 3) in connection with allegations that he had made and was in possession of indecent images of children.

A search warrant issued under the Protection of Children Act was executed in July 2018 at our client’s home address in connection with alleged offences concerning the possession and making of indecent images of children.

Following that warrant and numerous electrical items being seized, our client instructed us to deal on a private fee basis, culminating in our Mr Titchener attending Cambridge Police Station for the formal police interview under caution. At that time, Mr Titchener was able to identify that even though some Category B and Category indecent images had been located on one of our client’s devices, there was in fact no evidence to support the case that he was in fact either aware or had any reason to be aware that they had been created. This had not been appreciated by the investigating officer, as he had not fully appreciated the significance of the police obtained forensic evidence.

Following Mr Titchener’s representations and a further review of the case by the Police, it was accepted that there was no case against our client and the decision was subsequently made to take no action against him.

For a man of good character and of no previous convictions, this outcome was particularly important and favourable. Any conviction for these offences would have had life changing implications for our client and would have meant that he would have been placed on the Sexual Offences Register and at risk of Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Cases involving indecent images of children and sexual offences generally are very complex and legal representation from us from us can make all the difference. If a search warrant has been executed and the police are investigating such offences, getting expert advice is vital. Knowing what is going to happen and how to prepare for these types of case can make a real difference to how they are dealt with and the eventual outcome.

Contact us if you are in this position so we can help advice you at this difficult time.