We are helping a growing number of people who have been interviewed by the Police at home, usually without a Solicitor present. The Police are increasingly inviting people to attend at the Police Station for a voluntary interview.

It is vitally important that if you, a family member of friend are invited to attend a voluntary Police interview that you seek legal advice from a specialist criminal solicitor.

A Police interview under caution, whether you are arrested or not, still means you are able to have free legal advice from a crime solicitor. Your rights under PACE remain the same whether you are arrested or attend as a volunteer at the Police Station.

The increase in the use of arranged Police interviews is likely to continue. It is cheaper for the Police to ask you to attend at the Police Station and then conduct an interview under caution.

The other reason for a Police-arranged interview is that the practice of arresting someone when it is not necessary has been recently criticised.

Make sure you exercise your rights to have a Police Station Solicitor present at any Police interview.

At Lawtons Criminal Solicitors we are able to provide help should you be interviewed by the Police. Contact us today for assistance or to arrange your Police interview.