A chemist shop worker who “ruthlessly exploited” two elderly vulnerable customers was jailed for 2 years today, Friday 13th November.

The 52 year old obtained their addresses from work and went to their homes with a sob story.

Prosecutor Kevin West told St Albans Crown Court that she persuaded a 76-year-old woman to hand over money on several occasions.

The defendant was caught on 17 August when a cashier at the HSBC bank in Berkhamsted became suspicious when the elderly woman tried to cash a £2,000 cheque for her.

She had also created a fake compensation order from St Albans Crown Court which she intended to show her victim to indicate she was to receive a payment in the near future.

The Berkhamsted woman pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining £6,700 from the elderly woman between 1st February and 18th August this year.

The court was told that during that fraud she was sentenced to 18 months suspended for 18 months after targeting a vulnerable male customer of the shop.

Alex Britton, defending, said his client had repaid £1200 of the £7900 she had borrowed. He said she had not used threats to get the money and had never sent the “compensation” letter.

Recorder Patrick Fields told her: “This was the grossest breach of trust. You worked at a local pharmacy, you identified victims and found their addresses and went to them with a sob story. You ruthlessly exploited them.  Prison is inevitable.”