A woman woke to find a complete stranger by her bed, using his mobile phone as a torch, a court has heard.
The intruder apologised and said he was looking for someone else and left, but she then disovered he had pulled a towel radiator from the cloakroom wall, damaging the pipe work. 
Twenty minutes later, another family in Biggleswade became aware of someone outside their home, and saw a wall had been damaged. They managed to keep him talking until police arrived, realising he was very drunk.
In fact the 23 year old agricultural worker was so drunk he had absolutely no memory of the events, his solicitor Stuart Sprawson told Luton Crown Court.
“It is very disturbing to him that this has left such a huge gap in his memory. He finds it difficult to believe that he behaved in such an appalling and reprehensible way.”
He said the defendant had written a letter to the Judge and letters to the victims.
After his arrest the offender told police he had been out for the evening and drunk 10 pints but had no memory of being at either of the houses.
He pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to cause damage at a house in Drove Road and causing criminal damage at the property in Spring Close. Both offences were committed in the early hours of June 29 this year, said prosecutor Alexander Krikler.
Judge Stuart Bridge said: “It is obvious you have a problem with binge drinking and that is what occurred that night.
“For that lady to wake up and find you standing at the side of her bed must have been a terrifying moment.
“You were clearly befuddled by the alcohol you had taken.”
But the Judge said he accepted the defendant had started to address his drink problem and felt able to suspend the prison sentence.
He passed a twelve month prison sentence suspended for two years with 180 hours unpaid work with £150 compensation, £425 costs and a £100 victim surcharge.