A 24 year old Watford man received a suspended jail sentence today (Tuesday 25th February) after admitting being one of three men involved in an attack in the town centre.


The man had been called to Charter Place by a friend who was involved in a confrontation with the victim on 17 January this year.


At St Albans Crown Court today (Tuesday 25th February)  said; “Matters unfolded quickly. It was difficult for him to think clearly and he regrets being involved.”


“He pleaded guilty at the first opportunity at the preliminary hearing and has been remanded in custody for a little over a month. He will do all he can to ensure he does not go back to prison.”


We went on to say that his client had work lined up with a building firm and was hoping to start an apprenticeship in plastering. He said he would be able to pay the man compensation from his wages.


Judge John Plumstead gave the man a 9 month jail sentence suspended for 18 months. He was ordered to pay the victim £500 compensation.