Why Lawtons?

Lawtons Criminal Solicitors was set up in September 2004 with one aim; to provide outstanding advice to those accused of criminal offences. Our aim remains exactly the same today.

Comprehensive Legal Team

We can construct a bespoke legal team that is expertly equipped to deal with the unique investigative, procedural and prosecutorial aspects of your private prosecution.

Wealth of Expertise

Calling on a growing team of criminal justice experts, we can provide your firm with a comprehensive team consisting of experts in the most relevant areas of law.

Bespoke Legal Strategy

Lawtons can attend office locations to work directly with you and your team to form a coherent strategy to help you achieve your goals.

What are Private Prosecutions?

Privately initiated prosecutions are normally overlooked by professionals and companies dealing with civil disputes or claims. In fact, they are ready available and highly useful but there are a number of reasons for this. Generally, it is the Crown that are responsible for bringing criminal cases to court and, with that, the Crown Prosecutions Service tend to be responsible for conducting criminal proceedings.

However, s.6(1) of the Prosecution of Offence Act makes it possible for organisations and individuals to initiate a private prosecution. These proceedings can provide tactical advantages when complementing civil remedies or causes of action.

Private Prosecution Procedure

Privately initiated prosecutions are often implemented and concluded far quicker than civil remedies, also the sanctions and punishments are enforceable, therefore can be cited in civil proceedings. Criminal courts can make orders for the disclosure of evidence held by third parties, it can impose punitive and restrictive orders on defendants. It’s range of powers, pre-conviction and post-conviction, are extensive and highly effective.

Even the initiation of criminal proceedings can be useful tools in the armoury of negotiation tactics. The fear of criminal convictions and associated implications for an opponent (company or individual) can have a decisive impact in negotiations.

Bringing about a Private Prosecution

At Lawtons Solicitors, we have vast experience of the Criminal Justice system and its many functions. We can call on these skills and a wealth of talent to provide a comprehensive legal team to accurately judge the optimal timing and procedure in launching a privately funded prosecution to support your cause of action.
For firms, professional organisations or individuals, we can work closely with you at your office or preferred location to create a coherent strategy to help you achieve your overall goals – whatever they may be.

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