Lawtons Solicitors has a dedicated team of criminal law solicitors ready to offer advice on matters relating to criminal damage.

The law* regarding criminal damage, or vandalism, aims to protect property rights.   Sentences will depend very much on the severity of the case and the value of any damage caused, and in most cases a court will ensure victims are compensated by the accused as part of the punishment.

This is why seeking specialist advice, as available from a member of Lawtons Solicitors’ dedicated team, can be critical to the outcome of your case and make the difference in determining what punishment is imposed.


Criminal Damage & The Law

Criminal damage is any damage by an individual, or group of individuals, to some form of property that subsequently affects the value or structure of said property. The “damage” does not need to be permanent, merely soiling something can be criminal damage. It is also possible that a person can be convicted of damaging property that they own part of if the other person or people who also have a share in that property did not give permission for the damage to be caused.


According to the law*, there are several factors that must be established and that will influence the outcome of the case. In essence, there must be permanent or temporary damage and there must be someone that objects or complains that the damage has been caused, and it must be established that the act that caused the damage was done intentionally or recklessly.

Other factors that can be relevant include:

  • Extent of the damage caused and whether it is permanent and visible (does it affect the foundations or function of the property?)
  • To whom the property belongs
  • Whether it was the intention of the individual or group to cause the damage

Other factors include whether anyone was injured (severely or fatally) due to criminal damage.


The response to each of these elements will determine the severity of sentencing.  And it is here that a specialist solicitor can make all the difference to the outcome of your case.


Accused of Criminal Damage?

This is a complicated sector of the law, with many different aggravating factors that will affect the outcome of a case, and if not acted on with knowledge and expertise could run the risk of a much harsher sentence.

The good news is that Lawtons Solicitors has in-depth knowledge and understands the detail of the law and the court proceedings involved to ensure every case can be dealt with carefully and fairly, considering all factors to enable the best outcome.


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