Online Fraud & The Law

Lawtons Solicitors have extensive knowledge of this area of the law, which is particularly specialist. Computer and online fraud crimes are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society and there are dedicated teams in place detecting these types of offence. The sophistication with which these crimes are committed is growing all the time and as such they can now be found in official crime statistics, with identity fraud (‘phishing’ and ‘spam’) being one of the main areas for concern.

The key to achieving the best outcome for our clients, alongside our legal expertise, is having access to expert witnesses with the technical know-how needed to analyse the evidence.

What makes online fraud cases so complex?

Most fraud cases involve evidence found on computers and other technological devices that can highlight movement of funds and even trace an individual’s movements these days. Many cases, by their sheer nature, are international in scale and this raises issues over jurisdiction and potential extradition orders (being sent back to the country where an offence has been committed).

If you are accused of this type of crime it can be particularly frightening, the complexity of the investigations and legal issues that arise, the language and terminology is highly specialist and confusing.  Lawtons Solicitors understands this and has all the relevant expertise to represent you and achieve the best outcome.

Accused of Online Fraud?

Most importantly you need to appoint legal representation with specific experience and expertise within this field. At Lawtons Solicitors our legal team has a wealth of knowledge in dealing with such cases.


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