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Drug Smuggling

Drug smuggling is one of the most complicated areas in the law on drugs, especially as it crosses country borders and can be influenced by different legal jurisdictions. With this complexity, it is vital that you seek specialist advice at your earliest opportunity. Read more

Drug Offence Solicitors

Drug offences can be often hard to understand, so expert advice is key for understanding such charges. Read on to find out how each is different. Read more

Firearms Licensing & Appeals Solicitors

The law regarding gun possession and illegal firearms generally looks to seek out the intention, following which a screening process investigates suitability to possess firearms. Lawtons Solicitors can assist in a wide range of illegal firearms cases. Read more

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a global issue and generates hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The severity of drug trafficking crimes mean that you need to do everything you can, including gaining specialist legal advice, to achieve the best possible outcome. Read more

Drug Possession Solicitors

Drug law is high on the government agenda and taken extremely seriously. Punishment is often intended to operate as a deterrent and can involve lengthy prison sentences, even for involvement at a minor level. Read more

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