Have you been arrested for a firearms or drugs offence? These are extremely serious cases, and in this complex area of law the punishments can be life-changing. The Police and the CPS are actively using sentences as a deterrent, meaning that particularly in drugs cases, you need nothing less than expert representatives to defend you in court. At Lawtons we have significant experience in this area, and will examine your case meticulously in order to prepare a robust defence and ensure the best possible outcome in your individual case. Call our team today to discuss your situation on 0333 577 0522. 


What Lawtons can do for you

Cases involving drugs and firearms are particularly complicated and – in the case of drugs offences – can often involve elements such as mitigating factors which may impact and can reduce your sentence. Part of our job at Lawtons is to thoroughly examine all the facts of your particular case and defend it accordingly. The laws around drugs and firearms are fast-changing and often misunderstood. The assistance of an expert professional from Lawtons will help you to understand and make sense of what is happening.

Whether you or a family member are facing an allegation of a drugs or firearm offence, contact the team at Lawtons for essential legal advice today. It can be a highly emotional and stressful experience, and we will give clear advice on the whole process and, if necessary, offer guidance on how court proceedings work. 


What firearms and drugs cases do Lawtons represent?

At Lawtons, our experienced team of solicitors have wide-ranging knowledge of defending a number of different cases relating to firearms and drugs offences. These include:

  1. Drug Offences
  2. Firearms Licensing & Appeals
  3. Drug Supply
  4. Drug Possession
  5. Money Laundering


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All cases are unique, and we approach them without judgement. If you need expert legal advice on your individual case, contact Lawtons today on 0333 577 0522 to see how we can help.


Case studies: successfully defending our clients

Prison sentence avoided for class A drug supply case at Bristol Crown Court – November 2019

Suspended Sentence in Class A Drugs Supply Case at Maidstone Crown Court – June 2019

Damage limitation for client with drugs supply offences – St Albans Crown Court – October 2017

Case turned around at Aylesbury Crown Court – October 2017



Are all firearms illegal in the UK?

Not all firearms are the same and the rules governing them are complex. Members of the public in the UK are permitted to own rifles and shotguns but only with a valid licence, but handguns are banned (with the exception of Northern Ireland where different rules apply). Having expert advice about what you can hold is vital as ignorance of the law is no defence and the penalties are often very harsh.


What are the sentencing guidelines for drug offences?

The starting point and the maximum penalty for supplying drugs are determined by the class of drugs. There is a range of sentencing options but the court must give reasons for going outside of the range.


I didn’t know I was carrying drugs. What can I do?

Whether a defendant can reasonably claim to have had no knowledge will depend on the evidence. If it is accepted that a defendant was not aware of being in possession of any drugs at all, in certain circumstances they may have a defence. However, it is possible they would still be guilty of drug importation or possession if they thought they had been importing or carrying another illegal drug of a lower or different class.