Lawtons Solicitors has a specialist team operating in the complicated area of law associated with drug offences.

Whilst drug dealing and supply is not considered as serious as drug trafficking, it still carries a significant sentence and will inevitably impact on every aspect of life.

It is therefore advisable to seek expert advice as early as possible in police investigations to ensure your case is considered in detail and that the most favourable result, in the circumstances, is obtained on your behalf.


Drug Offences & The Law

The law regarding dealing or supply of drugs surrounds the intention of passing a controlled substance to someone else.  This means that even if you are passing a cannabis cigarette joint between friends, you can be liable.

The intention (whether for personal use only, which must be proven) and classification of the drugs supplied will influence whether the Magistrates’ or Crown Court will deal with your case.

Here, supplying drugs will be separated into actual supply, aggravated supply that has surrounding circumstances, offer to supply, involvement or concern in supply, and possession with intent to supply.

The overall sentence will also be determined by factors such as the quality and quantity of drugs, and whether dealing has been cited to be part of a larger operation.

In a larger operation, the court will then assess what role you have taken (leadership, significant or lesser involvement) to determine your sentence.


Accused of Drug Offences?

Investigations into any drugs related offences can often take a considerable amount of time and disrupt life at home and at work.

To help you through the process, it is best to gain legal advice as soon as possible so that all the contributing factors leading up to a police investigation are considered and can be presented fairly in court.

Lawtons Solicitors specialist drugs team is best placed to offer the necessary support and guidance every step of the way.


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