With drug trafficking being a globally recognized and high profile area of the law, Lawtons Solicitors have a specialist team of highly trained lawyers, available to assist you with your case.

Across the globe, drug trafficking in particular is considered as a very serious crime and often carries significant sentences. These include unlimited fines, frozen assets and life imprisonment.

With this in mind, seeking expert advice from the moment police become involved will help to ensure you have the professional guidance needed to represent you and the specific nature of your case. Even if you are already facing prosecution or police investigation, you will need the advice from a specialist team that has experience of dealing with these types of cases.


Drug Trafficking & The Law

The United Nations cites drug trafficking and general drug trade around the world as generating hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

In the eyes of the law, drug trafficking offences are seen as a much more complex field than just investigating the movement of drugs, which often crosses multiple borders and jurisdictions, and encompasses the cultivation, production and distribution of substances.

Sentences will vary depending on the case and global location. In some countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to name a few, drug trafficking still carries the death penalty. In the United Kingdom, the most serious cases will result in unlimited fines and the prospect of life imprisonment.

At the same time, any link to drug trafficking may also result in assets such as bank accounts being frozen or confiscated and creates the potential for further investigations into money laundering.


Accused of Drug Trafficking?

Whilst the death penalty may not exist in the UK, investigations are likely to impact every aspect of life, both personally and professionally, and the severe sentencing can be daunting.

At Lawtons Solicitors, our highly specialist team of lawyers can take on your individual case and do everything within our professional capacity to defend your case, or if necessary, to reduce the severity of any sentence you may be facing.


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