Lawtons Solicitors has a niche team, dedicated to understanding the law surrounding gun possession and illegal firearms.

This area of law is varied and complex, ranging from offences of illegal possession through to criminal use of a firearm, which can carry significant, even custodial, sentences.

To ensure you have the best representation throughout any investigation or court case, it is best to get advice as soon as possible to ensure all aspects of an individual case are considered.


Firearms Licensing & The Law

The law regarding gun possession and illegal firearms generally looks to seek out the intention, following which a screening process investigates suitability to possess firearms.

Where a conclusion is uncertain in terms of intention or suitability, a criminal charge may result and a minimum sentence of five years’ and a maximum of life imprisonment may be given.

There are other factors that may also influence a sentence, including whether a firearm was found loaded with intention for use, or has been adapted in any way, shape or form.

Further aggravating factors taken into account will include previous convictions or use of illegal firearms in other criminal offences, such as robbery.


Need a Firearms Licensing & Appeals Solicitor?

If you do find yourself questioned by police for an offence relating to gun possession, it can be a particularly stressful time.

Taking advice at an early stage, especially if you have legal use of a firearm, e.g. you belong to a gun club, can make the difference to retaining your licence.

If you are under investigation for possession of illegal firearms it is equally critical to gain expert advice to ensure all the details of your case are considered from the outset.

At Lawton’s Solicitors, we can assist with the following issues:

  • Shooting incidents resulting in personal injury cases
  • Shooting club licences
  • Shooting cases involving trespass
  • Wounding others unlawfully
  • General advice on appeals, withdrawal or rejection of a certificate
  • Weapon dealers


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