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Drug offences are high on the government agenda and taken extremely seriously. Punishment is often intended to operate as a deterrent and can involve lengthy prison sentences if there is a suggestion of supply, even for involvement at a minor level.

For this reason and to provide the best level of defence, please seek specialist advice as soon as possible. Our drug offence lawyers are available 24 / 7, 365 days per year with the necessary expertise to represent you in any case relating to drugs.


Drug Possession & The Law

The law regarding drug offences is constantly evolving to take account of new drug classifications and the relatively recent introduction of ‘legal-highs’.

At the basic level, it is an offence to even possess most banned substances. Whilst every case is different, any sentence for possession will consider:


Type of substance

  • The reason why you are involved with the substance.
  • Remember: ignorance is no defence!
  • Type of substance

There are three main classes in which illegal drugs are categorised:

  • Class A – Ecstasy, Heroin, Cocaine
  • Class B – Amphetamines (Speed), Cannabis
  • Class C – Anabolic Steroids, Tranquillisers


Substance Involvement

Your level of involvement is generally investigated with regards to whether you are a user or there is a suggestion that you may be supplying or dealing in drugs.  It will be for the Police to try and find evidence as to what a person’s knowledge or involvement with any drugs that may have been found is.  This can be done in a variety of ways, whether by the use of undercover surveillance, “tip-offs”, the examination of mobile phones or by a simple random stop-search procedure where the Police may consider that someone is acting suspiciously.

However, if clear intention to supply drugs (Class A or B) is established, this is taken very seriously and will normally only be dealt with in the Crown Court with significant prison sentences not uncommon. 


Accused of Drug Possession?

You should take immediate, expert legal advice. The issues surrounding the evidence or information that the prosecution rely upon can be complex. If you are guilty or found guilty, there are certain factors that can help to reduce a sentence.  Taking these into account early on can make all the difference to your outcome.  These include:

  • Pleading guilty as soon as possible
  • Offender’s age
  • Signs of pressure from other dealers to supply on their behalf (this is cited as duress)
  • Signs that you are willing to cooperate with police
  • Whether possession or supply has any correlation with funding a drug habit

Discussing all of the above with a qualified drugs offence lawyer, as early as possible, can make the difference between no conviction and a lengthy prison sentence.


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