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Credit Card Fraud Solicitors

Credit card fraud is an area of the law that is fast evolving and on the rise. Sentences are very often harsh, as to set a precedent and used as a deterrent for the crime. You are at risk of a more severe sentence if you do not act on the advice from a specialist solicitor as soon as you can. Read more

Financial Fraud Solicitors

In cases involving financial fraud, your priority should be to protect your rights and your assets. Cases can be time-consuming and more often than not, take a toll on your personal and professional life. Read more

Corporate Fraud Solicitors

Corporate fraud is a complex and time-consuming area of law that is likely to significantly impact business operations. Lawtons Solicitors is committed to due diligence to accumulate as much evidence as possible to get you the best outcome. Read more

Business Fraud Solicitors

Fraud is taken extremely seriously, and with the nature of transactions in our technological world, clamping down on fraud is getting harder for forensic accountants. That means sentences will be harsher - to act as a deterrent. Read more

Money Laundering Solicitors

UK Money Laundering legislation IS amongst the most stringent in the world, carrying a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment. Cases can be extremely complex, as Courts will seek to prove a full audit trail of activity before any judgement is passed. Read more

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