Lawtons Solicitors has a specialist team ready to offer the dedicated advice necessary to support you through any corporate fraud case, to ensure your rights and your business are fully protected.

We will work with you to minimise work disruption and reduce stress, keeping you fully informed of all developments during these intense investigatory procedures.

Ultimately, Lawtons Solicitors has the capacity to take each case on an individual basis and tailor a legal team around your specific requirements to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

What are the different types of Corporate Fraud?

There are many types of corporate fraud, targeting both individuals and businesses.

Corporate fraud specifically involves deliberate dishonesty with an aim to intentionally mislead lending companies, public sector or investors to result in financial gain, either on an individual, organisational or criminal basis.

There are many different agencies that may become involved in an investigation, depending on the level of seriousness allocated to the case.  These can include the Serious Fraud Offence, Financial Conduct Authority or Office of Fair Trading.

It is important to work with your legal advisor and to show willingness to cooperate with all agencies involved. This will be looked upon favourably if it comes to sentencing.

Other factors that will be considered in sentencing include the harm to the company involved, which is usually based on the financial impact and the level of involvement in the fraudulent activity, and whether it can be proven that the accused led, or was an associate to the crime.

A final sentence will only be given based on the evidence of the individual case and will either consist of a fine proportional to the level of fraudulent activity, or time in prison.

What to do if you are accused of Corporate Fraud?

Corporate fraud is a complex and time-consuming area of law that is likely to significantly impact business operations. Lawtons Solicitors is committed to due diligence to accumulate as much evidence as possible.

Seeking legal guidance, such as available at Lawtons Solicitors, at the earliest opportunity provides necessary peace of mind that your assets may be protected and increases your overall chance of a favourable outcome.

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