Credit card fraud is an ever-evolving area of the law. At Lawtons we have a team of specialist defence solicitors who have the necessary knowledge and experience to defend our clients in cases of fraud.

What is credit card identity theft?

Credit card identity theft is the act of stealing another person’s debit or credit card details, then using this information to make fraudulent purchases.

Credit card fraud itself can take many different forms. The offence ranges from a single duplicated or stolen card through to far more advanced, organised operations where cards or card details are illegally obtained and processed in bulk.

Other forms of credit card fraud include:

  • Internet fraud – false merchant sites are set up and operated with the sole objective of encouraging people to process their credit card details and security code without any intention of the operator sending any goods or services
  • Skimming – a card can be duplicated using a PIN Entry Device (PED) to literally ‘skim’ off the information held on the magnetic strip of a card

What is a skimming device for credit cards?

A ‘skimmer’ is a device which is fixed to the card entry slot of a cash machine. The device captures card details when the user enters their card into the machine to withdraw money.

What is the sentence for credit card fraud?

To prosecute for credit card fraud, it must be proven that an individual is linked to the act credit card fraud beyond all reasonable doubt. Any evidence collected must be proven to have been collected properly, admissible and assigned to the correct person.

Straightforward cases of credit card fraud are usually heard at the magistrates’ court, with more complex cases referred to the crown court.

The sentence for credit card fraud in the UK ranges from a fine to a maximum of several years’ imprisonment, depending on the severity of the case.

What to do if you are accused of credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is rarely a straightforward criminal case. It is important you seek expert legal advice if you find yourself accused of the offence of credit card fraud to ensure that you clearly understand what is expected of you through each stage of the legal process.

At Lawtons we can represent you whether you are being investigated or prosecuted for a credit card or fraud related offence. Our specialist solicitors will ensure your case is heard fairly, and all the evidence is gathered and collated in a professional manner to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

It is essential to seek expert legal advice from the outset to ensure that your case is properly defended. If you are convicted for credit card fraud, substantial sentences can be given for this crime and are often used as a deterrent. You also risk a potentially more severe sentence if you do not pursue legal representation early on in the proceedings as your case can be damaged by delay or poor advice or representation.

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