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Fire Safety Regulations Solicitors

Regulations surrounding Fire Safety have recently undergone major changes with increased prominence. Inspectors now have more power to enforce alterations, enforcement or even entirely shut down premises. Read more

HMRC Offence Solicitors

Tax legislation can feel like an overly-complicated minefield with the number of Government departments and police bodies potentially involved in the case. There's also huge amounts of paperwork and strict timescales for compliance. Read more

Health & Safety Solicitors

Health and Safety regulations can affect almost any business or any employee. Prosecutions can be severe, sometimes even resulting in imprisonment. UK businesses are also subject to EU Health and Safety regulations, so appointing a specialist solicitor is a must. Read more

Trading Standards Solicitors

Trading Standards investigations can be confusing, as it is often the case that no one knows why or how they have started investigating. These investigations can also be extremely disruptive, so in order to reduce disruption, it's important to get specialist advice and guidance as soon as possible. Read more

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