At Lawtons, we have considerable experience in supporting cases of domestic assault. We understand that these cases can be extremely sensitive and emotional, as well as highly complex.

Domestic assault and the law

Every case of domestic assault and domestic violence will be treated individually, taking into account both the complete context of the assault charge together with the alleged physical and emotional factors.

Other relevant facts surrounding the case will also be assessed, which may include:

  1. Mental illness
  2. The influence of alcohol
  3. The influence of drugs
  4. The influence of prescription medication
  5. Domestic circumstances, such as the presence or impact of children

Sentencing for domestic assault

A sentence for the offence of domestic assault in the UK is intended to act as a punishment as well as a deterrent against repeat offences. The individual convicted will be prevented from causing any further fear, alarm or distress to the individual.

The court will inevitably consider whether it should impose a restraining order against the accused person. On occasions, the court will consider doing this even if the accused wasn’t convicted.

When the court decides upon a sentence, they will refer to sentencing guidelines, which take into account a range of penalties depending upon the nature of the offence and the eventual outcome desired by the parties involved.

What to do if you are accused of domestic assault  

Domestic assault is a complex area of the law and cases are likely to evoke considerable emotional distress for everyone involved. The imposition of strict bail conditions can have life changing consequences for everyone. Careful consideration and expertise needs to be used to ensure that the best outcome is achieved and that the assault charges are dropped.

The advice and expertise of a specialist solicitor is vital in ensuring the best possible outcome for your case. Get in touch with the team at Lawtons, who can provide support at every stage of the legal proceedings and represent you in a court which is assigned to domestic assault cases. Call us on 0333 577 0522.

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