Traffic Court

A traffic court is the new specialist name for a division of the Magistrates Court for driving offences. It is in the same building and the same rules of evidence & procedure apply.

Receiving a requisition can cause much worry and stress. Although defending yourself is an option, we strongly advise you seek a respected solicitor to defend you, as losing your driving licence could cause much disruption to your life.

If you have received a postal requisition or court summons for speeding, it is the confirmation that you need to attend a traffic court.

The Traffic Court Process

Your first court appearance will always be before the Magistrates’ Court, whether your case remains in this court depends on the seriousness of the charge. For example, charges for Death by Dangerous Driving will always be seen by the Crown Court, as will almost all other dangerous driving charges. Less severe charges, such as minor speeding offences, are likely to be heard by the Magistrates’ Court after the initial hearing.

The Court will need to consider issues of guilt, innocence and sentencing. There is no guarantee that a driving ban will be avoidable, but we will explore all the options available to try and ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Defending you at Traffic Courts

We have a team of specialist driving solicitors who will be able to assist your case, as well as ease your worries, and seek to achieve the most positive  result possible.

Whether you require advice on offences of speeding, careless driving, or drink driving, we can provide expert advice on any traffic offences that could incur punishment.

Depending on the case at hand, there may be special reasons, or exceptional hardship which can be used in your case to deliver you the best result. However, special reasons and exceptional hardship require a Guilty plea in order to limit punishment. We can explore the intricacies of your case to organise a strong case to provide you with the best result.

Further help and advice

For more information about the Traffic Court Process and a more detailed breakdown of proceedings, as well as a discussion surrounding your specific case, please call us on 0333 577 0522, or email