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How can we help you?

Being charged with or accused of any kind of criminal offence brings anxiety and stress, even if you’re innocent of the accusation. If it’s a particularly serious offence, the effects on your personal and professional life – often including your relationships – can be severe and long-lasting.

If you’re accused of a crime, it’s likely that you’ll be asked to attend a police interview, during which you might be charged with the offence. Even at the accusation stage, it’s essential to have legal advice on hand.

We can advise you on the best way to respond to accusations, guiding you so that you don’t incriminate yourself or make matters worse. In some cases, we can even head off the threat of charges, helping the police to see that there’s no case to answer.

If you are subsequently charged with an offence, you could be released until your court hearing – potentially under bail conditions – or you could be kept in custody until your court date. Much will depend upon the charges and any criminal past you may have.

Experts on your side

Throughout all this, you need criminal defence solicitors who not only use their expertise to secure the best legal outcome for you, but also empathetically guide you through the legal processes and provide reassurance. 

Speaking in plain English, we’ll explain your options and recommend tried-and-tested legal strategies, without passing any judgement. We’re on your side and work tirelessly to safeguard your future.

No matter what accusations you face, it’s always best to have expert legal representation from the very start of the process. The earlier you seek legal advice, the better your chances of a favourable outcome. 

Being released on bail

Upon being charged with a crime, you’ll usually be released from police custody until your hearing or trial. You might be released on bail, which means you have to comply with certain conditions – or potentially face imprisonment until your court date.

Held on remand

Also known as pre-trial detention, remand is when you’re sent to prison before your court date, usually due to the serious nature of the offence – armed robbery, for instance. 

Or the court could believe you might commit a crime if released on bail, or you might not attend your court hearing.

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What does being charged mean?

A charge is simply a formal accusation of a crime. If you plead not guilty, it’ll go to court and a trial, where you can dispute the version of events put forward by the police. Sometimes people are charged at a police station, with a custody sergeant reading out the offence/s to you. Alternatively, you might receive a requisition by post, detailing the date you’ll be required to attend court.

What are bail conditions?

While bail conditions are unique to every individual case, there are some common conditions, which include:
  • Not contacting particular people
  • Staying at a certain address
  • Giving your passport to the police to prevent you leaving the UK
  • Attending a police station on pre-agreed times and dates

Do charges stay on my criminal record?

Not unless you’re convicted of the crime or cautioned for it.  Convictions and cautions are either spent – meaning you don’t need to tell anyone about them – or unspent, in which case you need to reveal them to potential employers. Charges which come to nothing, on the other hand, don’t need to be disclosed – since you weren’t found guilty of the offence. They were only accusations.

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Criminal charges or accusations of any nature can be damaging to your future, whether it’s your career or personal life that’ll be most affected. We offer expert legal defence alongside personal service, so we’ll seek to limit the damage as much as possible.

We specialise in several areas of criminal law, including but not limited to:

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