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Indecent Images Solicitors

As with other sexual allegations, your reputation is at stake. Indecent Images Charges can be one of the hardest charges to defend due to discrepancies in the law. It’s vital that you have a specialist and experienced team on your side. Read more

Sexual Abuse Solicitors

Sexual Abuse cases attract high-profile attention and for this reason it is imperative you have an expert, specialist team defending you. You will need expert assistance and guidance to get a positive outcome and avoid damaging your reputation. Read more

Historic Sexual Abuse Solicitors

Historic sex crimes can be highly sensitive and emotionally charged. As there has been high-profile cases recently, authorities are dedicating a lot of resources to these cases. Read more

Indecent Assault Solicitors

Having sexual allegations made against you is a harrowing experience. Not only are the effects short-term, but your career could be jeopardised. It’s important to know the options and possible consequences, so you can make steps to rebuild your reputation. Read more

Rape Defence Solicitors

Sentences for Rape served by the Crown Court, and a life sentence is a possible consequence for a rape crime. It is imperative you seek specialist legal advice to protect your rights, your reputation and get you the most positive result. Read more

FAQs about Sexual Offences

But why do I need a solicitor if I haven’t done anything wrong?

Some people think that it will seem like they have something to hide if they have a solicitor with them. This isn’t the case, sexual offences are highly complex and specialist legal advice will simply ensure that you are not disadvantaged in any way. When you are innocent, you want to do everything in your power to put the best defence forward, your liberty, reputation and livelihood is at stake. Specialist sexual offence solicitors on your side will ensure that you are provided with advance notice about any allegations so that you can prepare for any questions. Without a solicitor, the police do not have to give you any advanced warning.

What if I have been falsely accused?

Firstly, do not try to contact the complainant, your first step should be to contact us.

I have been ‘Released under Investigation’, what does this mean?

The police will continue to investigate the allegations against you, but no bail conditions apply. Nick Titchener, director and solicitor advocate explains further.

What does ‘historic sexual offences’ mean?

‘Historic sexual offences’ refers to cases when allegations are made about sexual offences a long time after the alleged incident. The offence is then prosecuted.

What if the accused is now at an elderly age?

Sometimes the accused might now be elderly and suffering from health issues. This can be especially upsetting for their family and loved ones. Our solicitors handle all cases sensitively and must consider if the accused is fit to stand trial.

What does ‘possession’ of indecent images mean?

To be found guilty of possession of indecent images, there must be evidence of physical possession, control and custody of the indecent images, as well as the knowledge that the images are on your device and are indecent in nature.

What are ‘prohibited’ images?

Prohibited images are illegal but different to indecent images of children — it is a crime to possess them. They might involve child pornography (including drawings), but typicallly are those of extreme violence/torture and some sado-masochistic acts or animal abuse.

Will telephone and social media evidence be relevant?

Yes, it is becoming more common for text messages and relevant social media posts to be used as evidence. The police will often seize any mobile devices and download evidence which can be unnerving and upsetting. If you find yourself in this situation, you should have legal representation as soon as possible. Some believe they don’t need legal help as they are innocent, but it is vital that you get the best legal advice whatever the circumstances, so that you don’t say anything you regret later.

What does consent mean in sex offences?

Consent is to give agreement to any sexual activity. It is necessary to show that the accused believed that the other party genuinely consented. Consent is an issue to consider when the case involves adults, but not children.

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Anyone accused of a sexual offence can face irreparable reputational damage.

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Punishments depends upon the severity of the offence, in accordance with the Sexual Offences Act 2003. We will advise you on what to expect.

We can represent you in cases including:

  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Indecent assault
  • Historic sexual abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Indecent image offences
  • ‘Revenge porn’
  • Malicious communication
  • Issues relating to the Sex Offenders’ Register