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Our funding and fees guidance tells you how to secure our expert legal representation. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Funding that fits

We know that paying for legal representation can place a strain on finances. To ensure that everyone has access to the expert legal advice they need, we can take on legal aid cases. We can also adapt our services to fit different budgets and needs.

We are firm believers in transparency, so we’re completely upfront about our fees, keeping you updated throughout your case. With Lawtons, you know exactly what you’ll be getting – highly experienced and confidential criminal defence advice from a leading firm of solicitors.

Whether you’ll be using private funding or legal aid, we’ll discuss your options with you right at the start of our relationship, using plain English instead of technical jargon. We make certain you understand potential costs, as well as the legal process, leaving you feeling confident in the approach we agree upon.

Private funding

Our private client team offers decades of legal expertise and dedication to your cause, with a senior solicitor assigned to your case until its conclusion. You’ll develop a real relationship with them, building trust and helping them get to know you and your case inside out.

With private funding, your case will also benefit from the skills of the leading barristers – including highly experienced KCs – we work with. Your case may require expert witnesses, including forensic scientists, leading medical professionals and investigators. Private funding makes it easier to bring specialists like these on board.

We appreciate that legal representation can be costly, but our fees reflect the high level of experience and expertise that your case demands – and the value of achieving the best possible outcome for you.

To help you gain a complete picture of private funding expenses, we’ll set out costs in our first conversation. As your case progresses, we’ll let you know immediately if costs change. We’ll also bill you regularly, so you can monitor costs and stay in control.

Legal aid

If you have limited financial means, you might be eligible for legal aid, when your legal costs are completely or partially paid for with public funds. The Legal Aid Agency decides who can receive legal aid.

We do undertake cases on a legally aided basis, with the more complex Crown Court cases dealt with by our senior team. We’ll explain the legal aid system to you and examine whether you might be eligible to receive this kind of financial assistance, at different stages of your case. 

Whether you’re guilty or not, you have the right to legal defence. We’ll work tirelessly and with great empathy to support you and achieve the best possible legal outcome for you – because we’re on your side and protecting your interests.

At Lawtons, we’re equipped to help you whatever your situation and financial means. Call us today on 0333 577 0522 and make sure you have an expert team on your side.

We’ll aim to get back to you within 30 minutes between 9am – 5pm.

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How much are your fees?

Our fees are determined by a variety of factors, including the scope of your case and how much work we have to undertake. We’ll be able to tell you about costs in our first conversation with you, after we know more about your individual case. If they should change throughout your case, we’ll always let you know promptly.

Do I qualify for legal aid?

The Legal Aid Agency decides who qualifies for financial support with legal representation, so we cannot say with any certainty. However, legal advice at a police station is free to everyone if they choose the representation of the duty solicitor. If your case goes to court, you automatically qualify for legal aid if you’re under 16 (or a full-time student under 18). You’ll also qualify automatically if you receive certain benefits.

What are the advantages of private funding?

Under legal aid funding, all the time and work your solicitors put in must be justifiable as reasonably required, particularly if your case is not deemed to be especially serious. Of course, to you, any allegations against you are serious, so you might want to consider private funding. Then you can have as many meetings with your solicitors as you like, which will both help with your case and provide reassurance. If you fund your legal advice privately, you can also choose to be represented by more senior solicitors and they can order reports that might not be totally justifiable as a public expense.

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