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Vandalism can be a complex case to deal with, especially as terms such as “damage” are not actually defined by the Courts. It’s important to know what constitutes vandalism and to know the exact implications of your case. Read more

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Robbery is when a theft involves the use of force, and as such covers a wide range of scenarios. Penalties can also be severe, so it’s important that you get the legal advice from a specialist in criminal law to work through the details of your case. Read more

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FAQs about Burglary, Theft and Criminal Damage

What is the difference between theft, robbery and burglary?

All of the above offences generally involve a form of theft to some degree. However, while theft refers simply to the unlawful taking of property belonging to another, burglary refers to unlawful entry into a property, often with the intention of committing theft or robbery. What differentiates robbery from these two offences is the use of threat or force to commit theft.

Is shoplifting a separate offence from theft?

Shoplifting is one of three forms of theft (the others being theft from one person or from an employer) and is therefore treated the same under the Theft Act. Identity theft and vehicle theft are also classified under the same offence.

What does aggravated burglary mean?

Aggravated burglary is much more serious than normal burglary – it means that a firearm, imitation firearm, weapon of offence or any explosive has been involved. If found guilty, aggravated burglary can lead to life imprisonment.

Can burglary involve other offences?

A burglary charge can be brought even in a case which has nothing to do with stealing – trespassing combined with the more serious crimes of GBH or rape can also equal burglary.

Does armed robbery always mean a prison sentence?

Armed robbery will be charged with a more severe sentence than robbery without a weapon. The maximum possible sentence for armed robbery is life imprisonment – however, this depends upon a number of factors.

What is the maximum sentence for vandalism?

For damage that totals more than £5,000, the maximum penalty matches the £5,000. The prison sentence, if applicable, is a maximum term of six months in the magistrates court  – however, for offenders aged 17 or under a preventative measure such as a community sentence is more likely. If the vandalism or damage is caused by fire it is called arson which is often viewed much more seriously, especially where it was done with the intention to endanger life or where life was endangered recklessly.

What’s the difference between vandalism and criminal damage?

Vandalism is an offence which comes under the broader category of criminal damage, meaning that one is not more serious than the other. However, there are other types of criminal damage under UK law such as arson.

Is graffiti always considered vandalism?

Graffiti is often considered a form of vandalism, but in very rare cases, as with the artist Banksy, as an art form it can be considered extremely valuable. If permission is given by the property owner, graffiti is classified as an art form and considered to be legal.

What’s the most serious case of vandalism?

Some instances of vandalism can be severe, resulting in serious injury and in some extreme cases, death. As a result, the Criminal Damage Act includes an offence of causing damage by fire or arson with the intention of endangering life.

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