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Drug Trafficking & Drug Importation Solicitors

Drug smuggling is one of the most complicated areas in the law on drugs, especially as it crosses country borders and can be influenced by different legal jurisdictions. With this complexity, it is vital that you seek specialist advice at your earliest opportunity. Read more

Specialist Firearms Solicitors

The law regarding gun possession and illegal firearms generally looks to seek out the intention, following which a screening process investigates suitability to possess firearms. Lawtons Solicitors can assist in a wide range of illegal firearms cases. Read more

Drug Offence and Supply Solicitors

Drug offences can be often hard to understand, so expert advice is key for understanding such charges. Read on to find out how each is different. Read more

Drug Possession Solicitors

Drug law is high on the government agenda and taken extremely seriously. Punishment is often intended to operate as a deterrent and can involve lengthy prison sentences, even for involvement at a minor level. Read more

Money Laundering Solicitors

UK Money Laundering legislation is amongst the most stringent in the world, carrying a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment. Cases can be extremely complex, as Courts will seek to prove a full audit trail of activity before any judgement is passed. Read more

FAQs about Drug & Firearm Offences

What are the sentencing guidelines for drug offences?

The starting point and the maximum penalty for supplying drugs are determined by the class of drugs. There is a range of sentencing options but the court must give reasons for going outside of the range.

I didn’t know I was carrying drugs. What can I do?

Whether a defendant can reasonably claim to have had no knowledge will depend on the evidence. If it is accepted that a defendant was not aware of being in possession of any drugs at all, in certain circumstances they may have a defence. However, it is possible they would still be guilty of drug importation or possession if they thought they had been importing or carrying another illegal drug of a lower or different class.

Are controlled drugs and illegal drugs the same thing?

Controlled drugs such as amphetamines, barbiturates, methadone and mild tranquilisers can be prescribed by a doctor for medical use. In such cases their possession is not classified as illegal.

What drugs does the drug smuggling law cover?

The smuggling of anything categorised as a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 constitutes a drug smuggling offence.

How do the police know whether someone is possessing or supplying drugs?

The police are required to try to find evidence of a person’s knowledge or involvement with any drugs they may have been found with. This can be done in a variety of ways – including undercover surveillance, tip-offs, examination of mobile phones or a simple stop and search procedure, where the police may think someone is acting suspiciously.

Are there different types of money laundering?

Broadly speaking, there are two distinct types of money laundering:
  • Self-laundering, which is committed by someone with their own proceeds
  • Someone who is controlling someone else’s proceeds

Are all firearms illegal in the UK?

Not all firearms are the same and the rules governing them are complex. Members of the public in the UK are permitted to own rifles and shotguns but only with a valid licence, but handguns are banned (with the exception of Northern Ireland where different rules apply). Having expert advice about what you can hold is vital as ignorance of the law is no defence and the penalties are often very harsh.

Is possessing an unlicensed firearm an offence even if you don’t use it?

If an individual is found in possession of a firearm without a valid licence, they will be charged with committing a criminal offence.

Can someone with a criminal record apply for a firearms licence?

As of 2014, if someone receives a suspended sentence of 3 months or more they will not be able to purchase or possess a firearm or ammunition for a period of 5 years from the second day after sentence. A person who has served or received a custodial criminal sentence will not be able to possess a firearm.

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