Are you looking for expert legal representation in Leighton Buzzard? If you have recently been arrested or charged with an offence, you must seek expert assistance from a criminal defence solicitor as soon as possible. Getting in touch urgently with the highly qualified and experienced team at Lawtons puts your case in the hands of one of the most recognised law firms in the South East of England. We have offices in Leighton Buzzard as well as the surrounding towns such as        Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes.

Whatever criminal charges you face, we have criminal solicitors who specialise within that particular area of criminal law. Our priority is to provide a tailored and personalised service that is unique to your needs and circumstances, as no two cases are the same.

Have you been arrested?

The first thing you should do upon being arrested or charged with an offence is seek professional legal advice urgently. Know your rights – an expert criminal defence solicitor can work closely with you at every step of the process except for advocacy (participation in court proceedings) which is within the remit of a barrister. At Lawtons our experienced team will examine the fine details of your case to build a robust defence and work towards the most positive outcome possible. 

Your future and reputation are on the line so do not delay. Get in touch today on 0333 577 0522 for urgent legal assistance from Lawtons.

Protecting your future in Leighton Buzzard

Our criminal lawyers specialise in criminal law and regularly represent clients for cases held at the youth court, magistrates’ court and Crown Court in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

We have police solicitors and duty solicitors at Lawtons that provide 24-hour police station assistance in Luton. If you are detained at a police station or asked to attend a voluntary police interview, contact Lawtons for the legal representation that you urgently need at this stage. The more innocent you are of the offence in question, the more important your legal assistance is.  If you have received a postal requisition, you can contact us to discuss your options.

Get in touch

Whether you are seeking immediate legal assistance or simply want legal advice on a particular area of law, contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation.

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Do I need to visit the office to receive legal advice?

At Lawtons we are happy to offer legal advice by phone or in person at our Leighton Buzzard office. Simply get in touch to discuss which option works best for you. 

What is an interview under caution?

An interview under caution takes place at a police station after you have been arrested. You should have been read the police caution by the arresting officer which is what ‘under caution’ refers to, and this interview is the stage at which seeking proper legal representation is crucial. 

Can I remain silent during a police interview?

It is within your rights not to say anything during a police interview. This is what is known as a ‘no comment’ interview, but your criminal defence solicitor will discuss with you in advance whether this is a sensible route to take and how it may impact your defence in court.