Acquittal in case of serious historic sexual abuse – Liverpool Crown Court

8th August 2017 | Sex Offences News & Stories|
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Nick Titchener

Managing Partner

police interview

Our client at Liverpool Crown Court faced Trial in connection with very serious historic sexual offences on a young child, who had been aged between 3 and 5yrs.  It was alleged that at the time when these serious offences had taken place that our client would have been between 13 and 16 yrs.

The Trial first started on the 2nd November 2016 but had to be stopped on the second day because further allegations were made by another person also suddenly and unexpectedly made claims that he had been sexually abused by the client as well. These further allegations by another alleged victim complicated matters considerably, and resulted in our client being further investigated by the police. Our client was questioned again by the police and whilst no further charges were brought against him, it did mean that the trial couldn’t start until 5th June this year.

Thankfully, through the careful and meticulous preparation of our client’s case, the expert team put together by Lawtons were able to establish that these very serious historic sexual abuse allegations were unreliable. After a full trial was conducted at Liverpool Crown Court, our client was found not guilty of all accusations and is now able to get on with his life.

Historic allegations of this type and complex and challenging to defend, a team of expert lawyers and specialists are vital to ensure that the best outcome is achieved wherever possible. Wherever the case may be in England or Wales, Lawtons are able to act.

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