Client acquitted of rape after Prosecution throw their hand in at Birmingham Crown Court

8th May 2017 | Sex Offences News & Stories|
Nick Titchener headshot

Nick Titchener

Managing Partner

Our client was charged with 4 allegations of rape against his estranged wife. Our client was a professional man in the medical profession, the effect on him and his new family was devastating.

Thankfully, by adopting a robust and proactive defence tactic in this case, we were able to persuade the prosecution at Birmingham Crown Court that the case should not continue.

We were able to show that the allegations had been made after our client and his estranged wife had separated and shortly after our client had refused to support her Visa application.

We had sought further disclosure from the Crown Prosecution Service who had failed to provide us with the evidence that we were seeking to properly and robustly defend our client’s case. By forcing their hand early, our client was able to avoid the further trauma of a trial and was immensely grateful and relieved by what we had been able to achieve for him and his family. This case really does illustrate the importance of having an expert team of lawyers who specialise in rape defence.

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