Community Sentence for Indecent Image Case at Woolwich Crown Court

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Nick Titchener

Managing Partner


Our client was arrested and originally represented by the duty solicitor organised by the Police. Following his release and being made aware that he was facing Court proceedings for very serious allegations that he had made Indecent Images of Children he understandably sought expert legal advice from solicitors that specialise in this complex area of law.

Meeting with our Mr Titchener in our London office, we took on the case on a privately funded basis and proceeded to ensure that the right strategy was immediately put into place. Meeting with our client and his family enabled us to put their minds at ease notwithstanding the serious nature of the allegations that were faced. With over 340 indecent images, and over 80 of them being Category A graded, which is the most serious type, there was no question of how serious the case was for our client who had never been in trouble with the police or courts before.

Expert legal advice was provided from the outset enabling the right decisions to be made about what pleas should be entered at the first court appearance. It was at that stage that the case was sent from the Magistrates Court to the Crown Court for Sentence. The Court’s Sentencing Guidelines clearly state that for the offences that our client was admitting and pleading guilty to, the court should be considering a prison sentence in the region of 12 months, and up to 3 years. 

However, with expert representation and careful preparation, at the hearing before Woolwich Crown Court on 6th September 2019 our client received a 24-month Community based Order which focussed on the positive steps of rehabilitation and our client’s suitability for treatment rather than punishment by prison alone. As part of the Sentencing Hearing our client  was also made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

The case is yet another illustration of how those clients who have had the emergency duty solicitor at the police station can improve their position by instructing experts that specialise in this complex area of law. With an established and proven track record in defending sexual offences and those involving allegations of indecent images, Lawtons private client team have the experience and expertise to help.

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