Defence Costs Order Achieved in Drug Charge Case

12th June 2024 | Lawtons News|
Glen Henry headshot

Glen Henry

Solicitor Advocate

Our client was stopped by the police while sitting in the driver’s seat of their car on suspicion of smoking cannabis. They were arrested at the scene, and subsequent blood analysis revealed the presence of drugs exceeding the legal limit. Consequently, our client was charged with Being in Charge of a Motor Vehicle with a Specified Drug above the Specified Limit.

While our client acknowledged being in charge of the vehicle, they asserted that there was no likelihood of driving while the drug level in their blood exceeded the legal threshold.

Lawtons instructed an expert to examine our client’s personal circumstances and scrutinise the prosecution’s analysis. The expert concluded that the drug concentration in our client’s blood would have fallen below the legal limit within a few hours.

At trial, the Crown Prosecution Service challenged the expert evidence. However, due to Lawtons’ meticulous conduct of the case, the Magistrates acquitted our client and awarded a Defence Costs Order, enabling them to recover a portion of their legal expenses.

As a young individual without prior convictions, a conviction would have damaged our client’s current and future employment prospects. Our skilled defence ensured their rights were protected, and their future remained uncompromised. If you find yourself facing similar drug driving charges, trust Lawtons to provide a robust defence. Our team will meticulously examine the evidence and fight to safeguard your interests. Contact us today and let us help you.

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