Driver Cleared Of Conspiracy To Murder

19th August 2014 | Lawtons News|
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Nick Titchener

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driver cleared of conspiracy to murder

A 41-year-old man was cleared of conspiracy to murder Monday 18th August 2014 by a jury who convicted three others of the same charge.

Originally featuring on BBC1’s Crimewatch, during a lengthy investigation and trial at Luton crown court, it was alleged by the prosecution that the man, from Hayes in Middlesex, was part of a plot to kill an accountant who was involved in a love triangle.

Director, Nick Titchener was the Solicitor with sole conduct of this highly complicated and challenging case. Nick’s thorough preparation and attention to detail was critical in ensuring that his 41-year-old client was found not guilty of conspiracy to murder. Whilst the prosecution were able to establish that he was the driver of a vehicle that brought the gunman to Luton, the legal team chosen by Nick were able to show that he played no part at all in a conspiracy and was completely innocent of any involvement despite what both the Prosecution a number of the co-defendants were alleging.
The victim, aged 27, was driving his silver Audi at 8am on May 20 last year in Leicester Road, Luton, when it was hit from behind by a Ford Mondeo. When he got out to inspect the car, he was shot. His leg exploded and he lost a huge amount of blood. The man underwent four operations at Addenbrookes hospital to save the limb. He now walks with a limp.
The jury convicted three men of conspiracy to murder: the love rival who organised the shooting, the man who pulled the trigger and the man who supplied the shotgun.
Barrister Kevin Molloy and Colin Witcher from Church Court Chambers argued that the man had simply driven the gunman to Luton and was not involved in the conspiracy.
The jury of 8 men and 4 women found him not guilty.


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