Lawtons achieve a highly favourable outcome in grooming case

25th July 2023 | Lawtons News|
Massimo Trebar headshot

Massimo Trebar


In a sexual grooming case, Lawtons achieved a highly favourable outcome with no further action taken against their client. The firm was engaged at an early stage, allowing them to promptly organise a conference to gather the client’s detailed instructions. Massimo Trebar, a seasoned expert from Lawtons’ private client team, provided invaluable guidance on how to approach the voluntary police interview and suggested effective tactics to employ.

During the interview conducted in Northamptonshire, Massimo accompanied the client, who vehemently denied the serious allegations of sexual grooming. The client provided a comprehensive account refuting the accusations, highlighting their complete falsity and providing leads for the police to investigate further. The police conducted a thorough examination, which involved checking telephone records and other crucial evidence, resulting in the ultimate exoneration of Lawtons’ client.

This case exemplifies the significance of meticulous and rigorous preparation conducted prior to the police interview. By working closely together, Lawtons’ team ensured that the client was properly advised and equipped to present a strong defence. The long delay in the police reaching their decision allowed for a thorough examination of evidence, ultimately leading to the best possible outcome.

Lawtons’ commitment to comprehensive preparation, strategic guidance, and their client-centred approach played a pivotal role in achieving such a favourable result. The firm’s expertise in navigating complex sexual offence matters, combined with their dedication to protecting their clients’ rights and interests, solidifies their reputation as a trusted and successful legal firm in sexual grooming cases and beyond.

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